What is Augie's Quest

What is Augie’s Quest?

The purpose of Augie's Quest has always been to fund research and drug development aimed at ending ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease. Since 2007, Augie's Quest has raised over $45 million in support of finding effective ALS treatments. This makes Augie's Quest the largest individual fundraising program for ALS! Augie's Quest is an affiliate the ALS Therapy Development Institute. 100% of donations to Augie's Quest go directly to fund ALS drug development.

How are ALS TDI and Augie's Quest connected?

All funds raised by Augie's Quest benefit ALS TDI, the world's largest ALS-dedicated drug development organization. Augie's Quest raises funds through a huge network of national events and promotions, including the BASH for Augie's Quest, Tradition of Hope Gala and widely successful campaigns within the very generous fitness industry, such as the Clubs for the Quest, as well as a hugely innovative joint-fundraising initiative called the ClubCorp Charity Classic which benefits Augie's Quest and other local charities chosen by that networks members directly.

Who is Augie Nieto?

A pioneer in the fitness industry, Augie co-founded Lifecycles, Inc. in 1980. Over the course of 20 years, he grew the company, now called Life Fitness, Inc., to be the largest commercial manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world. Yet in March of 2005, Augie's life took an unexpected turn; he was diagnosed with ALS. Drawing strength from his family, friends, and a flood of supportive emails, Augie maintains a positive attitude and continues to lead an active life. As Chairman of the Board of Directors at ALS TDI, Augie is instrumental in the management of the Institute and acts as a spokesperson for the company.

What has Augie's Quest help ALS TDI accomplish?

Augie's Quest supporters have critically impacted these ALS TDI research programs:

  • Discovered new aspects of ALS which can be targeted with potential therapeutics.
  • Screened dozens of potential treatments for ALS in the lab using the latest preclinical models to determine the best ones for further clinical development.
  • Execution of a Phase IIA clinical trial of Novartis' Gilenya (TDI-132) in 30 PALS in 4 clinics across the US. This project went from the lab to the clinic in less than 18 months, fully funded by ALS TDI to the tune of $1 million. This represents one of the quickest development processes for any potential treatment for ALS.
  • Launch of a 5-year / $6 million personalized medicine initiative utilizing hundreds of new induced pluripotent stem cell lines to model sporatic ALS and rapidly screening thousands of compounds. This program has great potential to accelerate drug development for ALS patients today.
  • Creation of Anelixis Therapeutics, a wholly owned subsidiary of ALS TDI through which it can advance exciting potential treatments quicker by accessing angel and venture investment. This model will enable ALS TDI to accelerate treatments identified in its lab and in partnership with other biotechnology companies rapidly to the clinic.
  • Research partnerships or collaborations with Anida Pharma, to-BBB, Neurotune, Neurimmune, UCB Pharma and Biogen Idec, the Gladstone Institutes, and many others.

Where to go for additional information on Augie's Quest?

www.augiesquest.org and www.als.net/augie

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