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Moosa Malek

Augie's Quest lost a champion in the fight against ALS. Moosa Malek was a generous supporter of Augie's Quest and the ALS Therapy Development Institute.

Moosa Malek (August 14, 1945 – January 10, 2012) was the loving father to daughters Mina and Mitra and son Kian. He was married to his lovely wife Shohreh for 31 joyful years. Moosa was always surrounded by many friends and family and was known for persistently empowering others. He considered himself a lucky man. His motto for life was “enjoy the moment” and he lived his life accordingly. Moosa was a super-athlete and a true outdoorsman, especially enjoying tennis, hiking, gardening, water and snow skiing. Mossa founded and ran what has become a very successful real estate investment company. He believed in giving back and was involved in numerous philanthropic endeavors. He was diagnosed with ALS in 2005. He had an extremely positive outlook on life and believed that humans are very adaptable to any condition of life; and even with his limited abilities, he still had a lot to live for and enjoy. He never gave up hope for a cure. He was a true fighter and a hero to many.

Moosa Malek will be missed and remembered forever by Augie's Quest, among many others.

On April 27, 2010 Brad Bennett, one of Augie's Quest's largest supporters, lost his battle with ALS. While fighting for his life, Brad also fought to raise over 1 million dollars for ALS research. MDA and Augie's Quest would like to thank the entire Bennett family for their tireless efforts in raising money for ALS research through the “A Gift of Time” St. Patrick's Day Bash in Denver, CO. Since Brad's passing, his family honors his legacy through continued support of this event.

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George Gordon

Beloved Family and Friends of George Gordon —
We thank you for all the support and love you gave us throughout this difficult journey.
May your support for Augie’s Quest help find a cure.

A Father's Wish

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